Reproduction Specialty Group - Tad Thompson, DVM
Reproduction Specialty Group - Tad Thompson, DVM Reproduction Specialty Group - Tad Thompson, DVM
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Welcome to Reproduction Specialty Group

On behalf of the RSG team we would like to thank all of our clients for their continued support of our services. 2012 has been a transition year but one of a bright and exciting future.  We understand the value of our clients and will continue to strive to provide you the highest level of customer service possible. We look forward to speaking with you about the future of your program.



About Reproduction Specialty Group

While Reproduction Specialty Group has been in existence since July of 2012, Dr. Tad Thompson has been working to service the reproduction needs of the small ruminant industry for more than 8 years.  While in Veterinary School at Purdue University, Dr. Thompson first started developing his techniques in LAI & ET. During the development years, Dr. Thompson was blessed to have the opportunity to train under Dr. Dave Osborn in Australia. It was following the conclusion of this training in 2006 that Dr. Thompson first began providing services to the small ruminant industries.  In 2007 JVCGenetics was formed as a division of a larger multi species veterinary practice where Dr. Thompson split his time between equine sports medicine and small ruminant reproduction. In July of 2012 it was clear that a greater commitment to the small ruminant industries was warranted, resulting in the creation of RSG.

Reproduction Specialty Group strives to provide its clients with professional services resulting in superior results.  We work with clients one on one to tailor our services to their program’s needs.  We can help, whether you need to freeze semen on your rams or want to find out if LAI or ET are right for the future of your flock. 


Dr. Tad Thompson - Veterinarian
Dr. Thompson has had a lifelong passion for the livestock industry.  He grew up with purebred Angus cattle on his dad’s farm in central Illinois.  His family relocated to Indiana when he was 5 and his path into the sheep industry began when he started 4-H and got his first Suffolk ewe.  Livestock is a family was of life and we joke that the Thompson’s had never taken a trip that was not livestock focused until 2010!

In the early 90’s Dr. Thompson was exposed to Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination when Purdue University hosted and LAI date for Dr. Dennis Gourley.  He was in high school and running a group of 50 purebred Suffolk ewes and very active in FFA.  Dr. Thompson graduated from Purdue in 1998 with a BS in Ag Economics, he took a job with John Deere working in the parts department of a local dealer.  He very quickly decided that working inside an office every day was not what he wanted for his long term future. 
Tad married Amanda Lamb (yes her maiden name was Lamb!) in 1999 and started the process to apply to veterinary school.  He graduated from Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006, having spent all his extra time in school working on learning the LAI and ET process.  One of the most influential pieces of his time in school came in the spring of 2006.  Tad spent 2 months working in Australia for AllStock Genetics, one of the pioneers of LAI and ET work in Australia.  Working every day with Dr. David Osborn and his crew was the best education possible for a veterinarian learning these processes. 

Upon coming home from Australia and graduating from Purdue Dr. Thompson pursued a year-long internship at Equine Services in Simpsonville, KY.   When that year was done, Tad, Amanda, and 2 year old Isaac came to Janssen Veterinary Clinic in Sheridan, IN.  While at JVC, Tad split his time between equine work and the growing business of small ruminant reproduction.  During that time Dr. Thompson built a barn and lab at their current home that still houses the in house ET donors and allows some of the ET and LAI days to be held at their facility.  During this time the Thompson family also grew with two more boys.  Thomas was born in 2007 and Jacob was born in 2010.  In July of 2012 Tad & Amanda decided that the small ruminant world was where their hearts really were.  RSG is truly the realization of a dream that began a long time ago when a high school student watched a sheep being bred and said “I want to do that someday.”
The Thompson’s also added a girl in February 2013, Isabella Grace is already ruling over her brothers!  With 4 kids and a busy new business, Tad doesn’t have very much free time.  When he does, playing baseball with the boys and listening to good music top the list, especially if you can add friends and food cooked over an open fire to it. 



Caitlyn Keck - Veterinary Assistant
Our newest addition to the RSG crew, Caitlyn graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Animal Products and a minor in Biology.  After graduating from Purdue, Caitlyn worked at a large farrow-to-wean hog facility in central Indiana before coming to RSG in April of 2013. 

Having not grown up on a farm, every day is a new experience working at RSG.  Caitlyn handles all of the assistant duties for Dr. Thompson.  During Embryo Transfer days she oversees the donor anesthesia and recip preparation.   She also handles our equipment sterilization, inventory control, and preparation for all of the travelling that Dr. Thompson and the crew do during the busy season. 

Caitlyn married her husband Logan in June of 2012.  They have three rescue dogs, Enzo, Shelby, and Maniitok, as well as 3 cats.  In her free time Caitlyn and Logan enjoy off roading in their jeep, working on their new house together, she also enjoys taking walks with her dogs and reading. 



Amanda Thompson - Office Manager
Another Purdue graduate, (feeling a theme here?), Amanda received her BS degree in Agronomy in 1998.  After a quick office job that convinced her she didn’t want to sit behind a desk any more than her husband did, Amanda took a job with her father and brothers working on their central Indiana grain farm.  After marrying Tad in 1999 they lived in Lafayette, IN while he attended Veterinary School at Purdue, and she continued to work on the farm.  As time passed and kids arrived she moved from more in the field work to more accounting work in the office.  These days, although she misses the time running a tractor, Amanda is primarily doing office work for RSG and still manages to get in the family farm office one day a week.  Amanda also helps Chris in the day to day management of donors and client animals in our barns and would much rather be out in the barns than in front of a computer!



Debbi Cole - Office Administrator
Debbi comes to us with 19 years of experience being the office manager at the Purdue Extension Clinton County office in Frankfort, IN and 26 years as a 4-H leader of a large 4-H club in Clinton County.  She is currently experiencing a whole new learning curve since she started working with us!  The joke between Debbi and Tad as he was going through Vet School was that she would come to work for him when he graduated.  It took a little bit of time for that to transpire, but she was happy to change employment when the time was right.  Debbi enjoys working in the office with Amanda and also spending time in the barn assisting with some of the ET procedures. 

Debbi lives on the Cole family farm and has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 38 years. They have 3 grown children.  Their daughter, Mandy Taulman, and her husband Mark live in Remington with her three grandchildren.  They also have two son, Bart and Jeffrey.  Bart lives in rural Frankfort with his wife, Morgan.  Jeffrey lives in Yorkville, IL.

The Cole’s experienced 23 years of raising purebred Hampshire sheep during the children’s tenure in 4-H.  She characterizes that as a 4-H project that got out of control as over the years they went from having 2 lambs during the 4-H season, to having a high of 50 some ewes plus lambs in their flock. Tad helped immensely to better their flock as he taught her youngest son about genetics and allowed him to assist with his early LAI experiences.  

Debbi’s favorite way to spend her spare time is to be surrounded by her family, whether that is watching her grandchildren at a jackpot pig show or in Ohio spending time with her parents. She also enjoys traveling and seeing new sights when the opportunity presents itself.


Reproduction Specialty Group - Tad Thompson, DVM
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